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2016 Senior Boys Basketball Trip  (INVITATION ONLY)

Shane Spalding - Kenai Central High School/Class 2013 & AK Exposure Senior Trip
"I Knew I wasn’t going to D1, D2 or anything, so when I got the offer from Coach Young  I knew I had to take it if I wanted to play at the next level.  Coach Young tells you that you are going to play a lot of basketball and that’s exactly what you get.  He gets everybody out there against the other college players with equal playing time." 

Louis Page - South High School/Class 2013 & AK Exposure Senior Trip
"This trip did a lot for me not only as a player, but also as a teammate. I had the chance to play with some of the best players from Alaska and make new friendships. I enjoyed playing with everyone on this trip and I feel like we played very well together. I have much interest in playing for a NWAACC school next year and this was a great opportunity offered by AK Exposure & Coach Young. It was a reality check for me as a player competing against college players all week and it really helped me notice what parts of my game I need to work on this summer."

Dominique Hall - Nome High School/Class 2013 & AK Exposure Senior Trip
"I would like to thank AK Senior Exposure trip for inviting me because I got to know what college ball is really about. I know how much commitment it takes to be in a program. Whether I get offered or not, I won’t have any regrets because I get to play in front of multiple coaches. That’s the real exposure I needed."

Scott Herman – Colony High School/Class of 2010 & AK Exposure Senior Trip/Centralia College

               This was a great trip for many reasons. For example Coach Young was very good at helping players find a place to play.  He has a very good relationship with all the college coaches and has a good reputation for bringing down good players.  The trip is very structured to where you get campus visits, interact and talk to coaches about their programs and playing against college players.  Coach Young did a great job sharing the facts and cutting through all the clutter that most coaches tell you.  He explained everything very well and I had a lot of fun and a very successful trip.

John Palmer – Colony High School/Class of 2010 & AK Exposure Senior Trip/Texas International/Pierce College 

               This Alaskan exposure trip has helped me a lot. Before this trip I felt like I had a very limited amount of opportunities.  Now I have multiple choices and I also got to check out all the campuses along the way.  By doing that you can see what you like and what you don’t like.  Believe it or not this trip also gives you a bunch of confidence.  It showed me that I can compete at this level without it being too overwhelming. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level, or to get a chance at checking out many college campuses while competing against college basketball players.

2017 Alaska Exposure Basketball Showcase


WOW!!! That was how I felt on the last day of camp, I could have easily made a whole team from the talent level of girls present at the camp. The camp is a great forum for players and parents alike. It is the first camp I have been to where recruiting information is shared and discussed. Finally players and parents are getting the real scoop on recruiting, scholarships, and playing in college. I also loved the camp because we as coaches got to interact with the players through drills, this allowed me to better evaluate the kind of person behind the basketball talent. I signed my new point guard from this camp and we are still talking to a couple more players who may come to Highline Community College. What a great camp and experience, I will be bringing my assistant coach next year so we don't miss out on any of the great talent in Alaska. Thanks for having me Jim!~Coach Amber Rowe Mosley - Highline Community College

In the spring of 2007 I attended the exposure camp that is put together by my high school coach Jim Young. I really had not thought about playing college basketball until I was told about this camp. It was a great opportunity in that it would get me seen by some Junior College coaches. The setting there is great, its comfortable but very competitive and it is awesome for the girls in Alaska. I ended up getting picked up by Peninsula College, which is in Washington, and I just recently finished my two years of basketball there, which were probably the best two years of my life. I definitely recommend it for any high school basketball player who is looking to play on. Even the girls who are unsure should go to this camp. It opens up a lot of doors. Alaska is very fortunate to have this as an option now. Also, don't think that if you havent been picked up by a big school that you can't play college basketball. Junior College is a great way to gain experience and it's a good path to choose to take. GOOD LUCK FUTURE COLLEGE BALLERS."

~Tina Knight (Dimond High School - Class of 2007) - Peninsula College

The Exposure Senior trip was a great way for me to showcase my talent to coaches around the NWAACC. It gave me a chance to place my skills with players who have already played college basketball and those coming in. The experience itself was fun, just getting to know other players from around the state. The trip helped me get my foot in the door which is what a lot of players from Alaska need. The competition in Alaska doesn't get enough recognition and this trip helps players get their name out there.

~Marshaun Roan (Bartlett High School - Class of 2008) - Green River Community College

"The Alaska Exposure Camp surpassed all of my expectations! The camp schedule was extremely organized and tailored to what college coaches want and need to see when recruiting a student-athlete.  It was a win-win for girl's basketball in the state of Alaska and the college coaches that were in attendance. Jim Young and his staff can expect me back at camp again next year!" ~Coach Tiffany Darling -  Peninsula College (2005 - 2007)

The entire weekend was such an incredible experience and I'm very excited to come back again next year. When I was telling people where I was during the weekend I kept saying, "I wish I had that opportunity when I was in high school, and I wish I had heard that information about recruiting back then." I also expressed what truly a great group of players attended the showcase, the high level of talent and the positive attitudes all of them displayed for the entire weekend. I was very impressed to see such a large group of quality players that were also quality young ladies in one venue; they truly were hidden gems.  Everyone that attended the exposure camp from the players, the players' parents, and the college coaches all took valuable information away from this weekend to apply towards their future hopes in hoops.You and your staff were first class hosts and extremely helpful. Thank you for providing this opportunity as well.  Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to recruit great student-athletes. ~Coach Sharon Rissmiller - Tacoma Community College (2004 - 2007)

The Alaska Exposure Basketball Camp was great! It was awesome to play with all of the girls there because I had never played with any of them before. It was fun to meet people from all over the state and see how talented they all were. It's great to get the opportunity to be noticed by college coaches since most Alaska girls don't get that chance. So to any junior and senior girls out there, I would strongly recommend this camp if you are looking to play after high school. ~Damaris Craig (Kenai Central High School - Class of 2007) - Peninsula College




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